Staykvick Boutique Hostel in Helsingborg from outside. Green trees and windows from the kitchen.
A red heart
Happy group of friends at Staykvick Boutique Hostel

A unique experience

The Staykvick Boutique Hostel is one of a kind. A unique experience right at the centre of the city pulse, with the ocean and the continent on your doorstep. Offering a personal atmosphere, the hostel is a place to relax and hang out with new friends. The rooms are compact yet well planned, with focus on marine charm and carefully chosen materials. However, Staykvick offers more than just accommodation. It’s also a concept that’s based on sustainability and generosity, just like the founder Ese Banck intended. This means that you, as our guest, will become part of a cycle and help us to pass on Ese’s great initiative. Welcome to our place.

The entrance at Staykvick Boutique Hostel in Helsingborg
A picture of Ese Banck. The founder of Erik Banck Foundation that owns Staykvick Boutique Hostel in Helsingborg.
Old image of Helsingborg harbour

A sustainable love for the city

This is a story about love, commitment, strength, and a willingness to give something in return. In the 1920’s and 1930’s Erik Banck was the manager of a successful shipping company, founded by his father Otto. Erik and his wife Ese, short for Therese, had a great love for the city of Helsingborg and its citizens. Donations from the family funds were significant contributions to the city development and formed the foundation of several well-known buildings such as the Concert Hall, Österhemmet, and the Banck Children’s Hospital. Tragedy struck in 1935, when Erik and his oldest son died in a car crash. In the midst of her grief, Ese proved to be both strong and constructive and initiated a foundation in memory of her husband.

Ese Banck’s generous philosophy characterises the foundation’s activities even today. New homes are currently being built in the heart of Helsingborg, with a number of apartments reserved for elderly and needy. The ground floor of the House Ese consists of the Staykvick Boutique Hostel, a unique accommodation that combines simplicity and charm with quality and unforgettable experiences. The revenue from the hostel is used for providing new opportunities for people in need. So thanks to Ese Banck’s devotion, you can have a one-of-a-kind hotel experience while contributing to maintaining her great initiative.